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my site (finally) moved!

by elizabeth on April 5, 2014



here’s what I’m thinking

by elizabeth on February 17, 2014

multi-strand, hand painted necklace it’s been awhile since I’ve painted these round beads. originally, I painted multiple patterns in a variety of sizes because I never knew how each necklace would turn out – I wanted options and it was easier to have a stash to pull from. I never used very many of these 3/8″ small beads but I somehow ended up with a bowl full of them.

with another snowstorm holding us hostage inside this weekend I pulled them out and got to assembling something I’ve been thinking about. I’ve seen similar necklaces of one solid color and last summer I instagrammed two of my necklaces together (below) but I knew I could make this idea work. two-is-better than one this is even better than I imagined.  I need different findings to really make this construction work but I love the way it turned out. the possibilities are endless with this design – can you imagine this in ombré? or something like this full size deirdre necklace  (below) in the 3/8″  bead version would be stunning (and unbelievably less heavy – three of those really add up)

dierdre-stack they’re like your grandmother’s pearls but better. how would you style five strands of 280 hand painted beads?  multi-strand-side


a little update

by elizabeth on February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day just a quick hello to wish you all a very happy valentine’s /galentine’s day.

it’s also a test post to see if this new site transfer is working out. after an ENORMOUSLY frustrating time, I might’ve figured out a work-around for elizabethcraneswartz.com. remember when I posted, almost a year ago, that I was changing things up from seagrass studio to elizabeth crane swartz? I think it’s actually happened. I apologize for the radio silence and I’m hoping this is just the beginning of this new chapter. ideally, you can type in seagrassstudio.com (minus the snazzymustache!) and end up over on elizabethcraneswartz.com. if you’ve subscribed to seagrassstudio.com using feedly or bloglovin it might be a good idea to re-follow the new site until I’m sure things will run smoothly.

thank you for your patience. and your support and stay tuned…




my every year color

by elizabeth on January 15, 2014

radiant-orchid pantone color of the year is radiant orchid – a color, and all its variations, I whole heartedly support. have you seen jess lively’s with intention facebook cover photo? with-intention

photo by jess lively

yeah, that’s me wearing my all-time -favorite j crew blouse. (and tortoise bangles from design darling, unknown python print bracelet) oh, and remember my photos with justin hackworth last spring?  www.justinhackworth.com

photo by justin hackworth

yes, I’m wearing head to toe j crew again. I kinda forgot about that skirt – it’s gorgeous. I wonder what it looks like with tights… anyhoo, I just need to let you know I’ve been an orchid fan girl since forever. want in on the action?


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven


watermarking 101

by elizabeth on January 14, 2014

since my mini tirade last week I thought I’d share my go to app for watermarking photos from your iphone – impression - and a few pointers but you can also download it for your mac computer from the app store. how easy is that?? impression-app-how-to 1) it’s pretty intuitive but you click the ‘photo’ button, allow access to your photos and import your almost-ready-to-instagram photo.
2) once your photo is imported, choose the sunlight icon to adjust the brightness / opacity of your watermark as well as the color. I prefer a faded but legible gray scale watermark so it doesn’t take away from my photo. if the photo has a lighter background I choose a darker shade of gray and a whiter shade for darker backgrounds. 

impression 3) select the aA icon to type your preferred font and your wording. I chose didot for my font since I use it here on the blog occasionally. as you type the mark will get smaller to fit the screen but once you hit ‘done’ you have a few options. you can use the standard iphone two-finger pinch to stretch it or shrink it as you want and you can also move it around to the preferred position (mine’s at the bottom of a photo) as you can tell, it’s currently too hard to read so I would go back to 1) and readjust the opacity/brightness. don’t forget the © symbol. I’m not 100% clear on the legal mumbo jumbo but I figure it can’t hurt. I also like to include the year (see prior legal mumbo jumbo comment)

4) if you’d like, you can orient your watermark vertically by hitting the swingy arrow button.

leek voila. hit the arrow button on the far right and it’s saved to your camera roll to do with as you please. the good news? your watermark is now saved so every time you import a photo all you have to do is adjust the opacity/color. TA DAH! going forward I’ll definitely use this when posting photos of my original jewelry/designs/artwork but I think I’ll stick to case by case basis when posting other photos (like leeks)

you’re probably going to be putting your name on your photo but ideally, you’re going to use your website / store / blog URL. my hope is to eventually use my full name as my URL (work in progress) so for the time being, I’m using my full name sans the dot com. until then, if you were to do a google search using my full name you’d find a landing page with a link to this snazzy mustache setup. after the change, the search will land you on any number of links to me (fingers crossed)

I came across the official downton abbey instagram account and saw an interesting alternative for a watermark – their facebook name, abbey logo and twitter handle. personally I think it’s overkill and I’d lose the white lined border but tomato/tomahto. either way, you know whose photo it is should it end up on pinterest.


mama’s got a brand new bag

by elizabeth on January 13, 2014

belted galloway/ hand knit tote bag it’s finished. and awesome. and inspired by cows. and I’m sorry for continually pushing the limits with the dirty felting references. (no I’m not) gawking-at-belted-galloways belted-galloways-in-pasture the first time we drove jack down to school in north carolina we passed acres and acres of farms through pennsylvania, virginia, west virginia. and in these fields were the coolest cows I’d ever seen. I’m not sure why I’d never seen them before but I love them. we called them oreo cows and I got everyone (semi) excited about seeing them. fast forward to this fall and there’s a farm with two of these cows just down the street from the girls’ school and I finally made Bob stop so I could get a picture (and then jack took a photo of me…) I posted the photo on instagram and my friend replied that they’re actually called belted galloways. and then I loved them even more.

I start every felted bag with black (or a really dark brown) with the idea that a dark color would show less dirt/wear and tear on the bottom but beyond that, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. I was tempted to make a bag like the one I just sold but I never grabbed the right yarn when we left the house. on the road, on the way to the girls’ school I realized that I knew exactly what this bag was going to be.  belted-galloway belted-galloway

gorgeous painting by the late Patricia Orr Fouraker, on loan from my parents

a few fun facts:

  • knit > felt took roughly 900 miles, one trashy red carpet pre-show and the golden globes
  • I used 660 yards of yarn – two skeins of black and one white skein (cascade 220)
  • I cast on 200 stitches and knit for a total of 21″ on circular needles (size 10)
  • before washing, it measured 24″ wide
  • after felting, it now measures 15″ wide, 10″ tall and 4″ deep
  • I meant to make a smaller bag so I had no idea how it would turn out
  • I’d like to try this again but cast on almost half the number of stitches
  • the bag I just sold was made using only 132 stitches
  • I never checked my notebook before I started which would’ve prevented my sheepmergency last weekend
  • I write everything down. EVERYTHING.

notebook in-my-bag oh, and it would’ve taken me a little less time if I hadn’t had the extra ‘help’ fenway


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